A list of resources that provide information and tools for people interested in learning more about research data management.


Data Management, Information Literacy and DaMSSIThis collection of documents contains a final report, a mapping of RDM training projects against the "Researcher Development Framework" and "Seven Pillars of Information Literacy," and career profiles showing the relevance and utility of research data management skills to a variety of careers.

DataONE - Education Modules Eleven Educational modules in PowerPoint format that cover various data management topics. They modules are aimed at researchers and librarians.

DigitalPreservation in a Box – The National Digital Stewardship Alliance created a toolkit addressed to a more general audience to convey basic concepts of digital preservations, as well as resources and tools in the area.

DMPToolWebinar Series – An education model targeted towards librarians and information professionals, which promote the use of the DMPTool.

Do-It-Yourself Research Data Management Training Kitfor Librarians (MANTRA) - A DIY training kit created by EDINA and Data Library, University of Edinburgh, for librarians wishing to improve their knowledge on research data management. This education model includes PowerPoints and podcast on topics including data management plans, organizing and documenting data, data storage and security, ethics, and sharing.

NewEngland Collaborative Data Management Curriculum – The NECDMC provides six online educational modules for teaching data management best practices geared towards undergraduates, graduate students, and researchers in the health sciences, sciences, and engineering disciplines. This instructional tool supports the National Science Foundation’s data management plan and recommendations, as well as focuses on data management challenges.

Research Data Management for Librarians – A booklet created by the Digital Curation Centre (DCC) for training librarians on research data management. This booklet contains information, exercises, and activities. 

RDMROSE – A JISC funded project, which provides hands-on modules with PowerPoint slides, case studies, and reflected exercise for liaison librarians to develop their professional understanding of research data management.

UK Data Archive: Create & Manage Data TrainingResources – A training resource created by the UK Data Archive to highlight the seven key areas of managing and sharing data. This education model includes PowerPoint, presenter’s guide’s, exercise, and quizzes and supplements the UK Data Archive’s “Managing and Sharing Data: Best Practices for Researchers.”



DataDay: Toolkit for a Research Data Workshop for Librarians - Material from a one-day workshop developed by University of Colorado, Boulder that helps familiarize librarians with the research data lifecycle and related terminology, identifying potential roles for subject librarians in helping faculty/students with their data, and translating existing duties/skills to apply to research data.

Data Information Literacy Symposium and DIL Project – Video and content from the DATa information Literacy Symposium held at Purdue University in September 2013. The DIL Symposium was a component of the Data Information Literacy Project and was comprised of presentations, exercises and discussions about roles for practicing librarians in teaching competencies in data management and curation.

Data Intelligence 4 Librarians – An educational online and face-to-face course that trains librarians on research data management in regards to storage, archive and reused. At the end of the four meetings, the participants will earn a certificate.

Digital Curation 101: How to Manage Research Data – The Digital Curation Centre (DCC) provides half-day training sessions to librarians and researchers on topics of data management and curation. A researcher/information specialist can either attend an existing scheduled session or request one. Also, includes various PowerPoints from previous workshops.