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Strategy #2

Strengthen networked repository and storage infrastructure for data derived from research conducted by member institutions. Improve interoperability and opportunity between institutions, disciplinary organizations, and other research data hosts for working collaboratively with data and for access, archiving, and long-term preservation.

  1. [Infrastructure Group A] Propose a plan for research file storage for active projects that could be shared by member institutions. Such storage might be centrally hosted, distributed across institutions, or some combination thereof.
  2. [Infrastructure Group B] Propose a shared central data repository and/or system of linked institutional repositories responsible for hosting and sharing archived research data from completed research projects.
  3. [Infrastructure Group C] Propose desired interoperability services between a) active research file storage for project and post-research archival research repositories, and b) archival repository and a preservation system based on the OAIS (Open archives initiative system) framework (e.g., DPN, the Digital Preservation Network or Ex Libris Rosetta)
  4. [Infrastructure Group D ] Propose discovery and access services to make data more visible with appropriate links to the data or to a research contact for further information.
Current Members
Rachana Ananthakrishnan, Computation Institute-University of Chicago
Dan Andresen, Kansas State University
Toby Axelsson, University of Kansas
Michael Bolton, Texas A&M University
Michael Boock, Oregon State University
Dennis Brewer, University of Arkansas
Marie Concannon, University of Missouri
Karen Estlund, University of Oregon
Paul Farran, University of Kansas*
Don Gilstrap, Wichita State University
Scott Hanrath, University of Kansas
Larry Hoyle, University of Kansas
Jun (Luke) Huan, University of Kansas
Phil Konomos, Arizona State University
Mark Laufersweiler, University of Oklahoma
Susan Matveyeva, Wichita State University
Rick McMullen, University of Arkansas*
Greg Monaco, Great Plains Network*
Jon Wheeler, University of New Mexico

*project leads

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Google Group:

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DateCurrent Activity
December 12, 2013 Meeting at 1 pm CST 
November 14, 2013 Meeting at 2 pm CST--POSTPONED 
October 31, 2013 Meeting 2 pm CST 
October 17, 2013 Initial Meeting, 2 pm CST 
September 26, 2013 Group is finalizing  
September 5, 2013 Membership in progress 
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Nov 5, 2013, 10:19 AM
Oct 31, 2013, 11:06 AM