Advisory Committee

Adrian Alexander, Dean of Libraries, University of Tulsa

Carolyn Allen, Dean of Libraries, University of Arkansas

Gary Allen,Chief Information Officer, University of Missouri

Martha Bedard, Dean of Libraries, University of New Mexico

Dennis Brewer, Chief Information Officer, University of Arkansas

David Carlson, Dean, Texas A&M University Libraries

Deborah Carver, Dean, University of Oregon Libraries

Jim Cogswell, Director, University of Missouri Libraries

Karen Cole, Director of Dykes Library, University of Kansas Medical Center

Jim Davis, Chief Information Officer, Iowa State

Loretta Early,Chief of Information, University of Oklahoma

Paul Farran, Chief of Staff, University of Kansas Information Technology Division, University of


Don Gilstrap, Dean, Wichita State University Libraries

Lori Goetsch, Dean, Kansas State University Libraries

Lorraine Haricombe, Dean, University of Kansas Libraries

Mary Lou Hines, Chief Information Officer, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Shelia Johnson, Dean, Oklahoma State University Libraries

Phil Konomos, Chief Technology, Officer, Arizona State University

Bob Lim, Chief Technology Officer, University of Kansas

Bonnie Postlethwaite, Dean, University of Missouri-Kansas City Libraries

Ann Riley, Associate Director, University of Missouri Libraries, University of Missouri

Ken Stafford, Chief of Information, Kansas State Universities

Kelli Trosvig, Vice President for University of Washington Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, University of Washington

Johann Van Reenen, Associate Vice President for Research, University of New Mexico